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Ms. Jannine van den Berg took on her present position as Chief Constable of the Central Division of the Netherlands Police, after working since 2013 as Deputy Commissioner for the newly formed national police. The National police of the Netherlands consists of 10 Regional Divisions, 1 Central Division and the Police Services Centre (PDC). In addition to its own independent tasks, the Central Division also carries out specialist tasks in support of the Regional Units and amongst others supporting and coordinating major operations; combating organised (inter)national crimes (National Detective Squad), mounted police, sniffer dogs, forensic expertise; VIP protection; police work on the motorways, the railway network, on the water and in the air; combating all forms of serious violence and terrorism (Special Interventions Division).

Ms. Van den Berg has been with the police since 1986 after studying with the Netherlands Police Academy. Her first position was assigned senior police official for the city of Utrecht. She held various leading positions with the Regional police service. Among others: Squad Commander and Section Commander Riot Squad, Director of Criminal Investigation and Information in the Hague and Chief Constable of the Haarlem area. She was representative of the Works Council and Regional Consultations for a police union for intermediate and senior police officers and is presently chairperson of the Interpol European Committee.


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